Raising Cane's

UX & Research, Content Strategy, Design System, Wireframes & Prototyping, UI Design
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DEPT® Agency
Team Members

Jesse Stevens

Logan Bishop

Development & TPM:
Tanner Juby
Ashwin Sundar
Laura Peuquet

Project Requirements

Automated DevOps (React/Prismic/Gatsby)
System of Record (Workday)
Geo-Location Technology
WCAG Compliant
Mobile Responsive / PWA Enabled

A fresh dot com for all Chickenthusiasts

The Raising Cane's concept is simple and unique:
To only serve their ONE LOVE – quality chicken finger meals.

Raising Cane's is one of the fastest growing QSRs in the world with over 600 locations & expanding. With an average yearly unit sales of ~4M, they are 2nd in the QSR space behind Chick Fil A.

At Raising Cane’s you get an exceptionally high quality product served quickly and conveniently. The quick service restaurant can do this because they offer a limited menu and the specialized systems developed by their team to maintain a level of quality unmatched in the industry. Raising Cane's commitment to this concept does not allow them to compromise the quality, or clutter their menu with new products that do not fit the core menu offering.

The Core Objectives

Drive e-commerce sales by navigating visitors to order online and download the mobile app to stimulate online sales.

Easier to find and use by optimizing for SEO/SEM and improving UX across all devices and touch points to provide a consistent experience.

Balance messaging by reorganizing structure and hierarchy to display Raising Cane's breath of content, whilst allowing users to complete their tasks.

Foundations for growth by enabling technology to be more effective and efficient, while easily adding new capabilities to bring the brand to life.

Discover & Strategy

Our team started with building an information architecture that makes sense. This included a focus on primary site tasks, direct access to key functionality, easy navigation through brand education and a direct portal to merchandise and the Caniac Club offerings. Most importantly though, to drive conversion to start an order or download the mobile app.

Focused Site Map

The current Raising Cane's site was disorganized and split with every talking point being given it's own page. We aimed to distill the site map to few pages with more access to key functions. We identified pivotal elements and their purposes, arranged and interwoven key conversion points, and brought in a story-based approach to page structure.

Treejack Testing

This phase allowed us to test our proposed new site map to validate the proposed website structure, find out where users go for information, and know where and why users got lost and how to fix it. This was split into three deliverables:

Tasks - We aimed to make sure users could find their way - quickly- to key places and functions on the site.

Results - Treejack gives you the option to conduct unmoderated tree tests, saving you time, resources and money.

Analysis - We were able to gain detailed insights on task successes and where users look for content, and how quickly they could get there.

Insights & Findings

We created and launched our curated tests to validate and iterate on content strategy before entering any design phase. This allowed us to back up our recommendations with data from real people, and make it easy to share our study findings with key stakeholders.

Linking Community and Events

One example of a curated test asked the question, "You want to find out about community events in your area, where you you go to find that?" We were then able to see the exact Success rate (91%) and Directness of the path the user took to get there (74%). With the user taking 13.2s to complete the task, we then take this information back at an iterative phase and see where we can improve.

Content Strategy

We then took all our insights and developed eight main content types to guide our page page hierarchy and user journeys. These included communicated goals of driving craveability, direct menu item routing, direct route to community events, brand education, and the Raising cane's story. Raising Cane's also started a massive hiring initiative of 50,000 new employees over the course of 2021-2022 which allowed us to take an eager priority to get users to Apply Today.

Define & Design

The new content strategy allowed us to start creating interactive wireframes and prototypes to visualize the end user experience. We closely explored the mobile user journey through navigation, product routing and brand touch points to truly capture Raising Cane's ONE LOVE and community involvement.

Visual/UI Design

As a team outing, we toured Raising Cane's restaurants and examined the micro interactions that bring the human touch to the physical experience. The restaurants are filled with past mementoes of Todd Graves, the founder, and his journey from one restaurant in Baton Rouge to 500+ Globally.

Technology Architecture

Taking advantage of an atomic design approach to the new digital design system we moved from atoms, to molecules and ultimately organisms that became slices to be integrated with backend systems and a frontend CMS.

Digital Style Guide

We adapted Raising Cane's current brand personality into a new digital style guide for use in all future digital environments. This included colors, fonts, button styles, image treatments and laid the foundation for how the Raising Cane's brand can move forward in a digital world.

Prismic CMS

The tech stack for the website was built using Prismic CMS Templates that generated growth by rapidly creating on-brand pages and assembling them with re-usable website sections, aka Slices. Each slice was designed with a purpose centered action in mind from on one of the content types above. This allowed us to begin a page with a purpose based goal and content hierarchy and insert the appropriate design slices to drive conversion.

Vision & Mission

The new website first, and foremost, needed to stay true to the company's vision and mission. We brought constant team culture into the website to spotlight the pride each employee takes in their work and highlighted the quality ingredients that make their simple menu anything but simple. The Raising Cane's brand is highly focused, authentic, fun, loving and most importantly - masters at the perfect chicken finger box.

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