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A People First Tech Company

FieldGuide is a team of experienced IT professionals who can solve anything standing in your way. No really - they cover it all. Internet keeps dropping? Are you constantly interrupted by coworkers thinking you’re the one who can help them login to email? Do you lie awake worried that the photos of your kids aren’t backed up? Did we just make you worry about it?

But seriously, if it plugs in (to a wall, or the cloud) we’re all about it.

The Ask

Originally Orange Drive IT, we were tasked to create a name, identity system, and design language that helps to inform and shape perception of the Fieldguide brand.

Key Objectives

The project was split into 4 phases consisting of a company wide personality discovery, an in-depth brand & identity build out, a print and digital footprint campaign, and finally a brand strategy to take Fieldguide into the future. Ultimately, all defining the general character and attitude of their company moving forward.

New Name + Identity

Our goal was to empower Fieldguide's customers to be the best at what they do by providing them with world class IT service. To do this we needed to shine a light on what makes Fieldguide a step above the competition. Through employee research and interviews we began to distill the traits that made Fieldguide truly unique.

Brand Personality Deck

Our first exercise was finding out exactly who Fieldguide is and who they wish to become, while most importantly defining who they definitely are not. Words that consistently landed at the top of the pile were accountable, ambassadors, investigative, empathetic and wise.


We agreed that it was important for Fieldguide to retain a certain level of tech identity, while finding ways to move it closer to the notion of partners and teachers for their clients. Field guides were often added to as new discoveries were made. Like this, we document all uncharted terrain and the new solutions we discover. Through leaders of the industry, we positioned their company to become the future field guides in all areas of internet technology.

Brand Directions

"Birds of a feather flock together."

During the identity phase, two pitch directions came to light. The idea of talking to actual humans on the other end of the phone and the idea of being trailblazers in the IoT world. The original purpose of a field guide was to mentor individuals or groups on how to identify different birds. This inspired the the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” expressing those of similar taste are attracted to working together.

A Personal Field Guide

In the ever changing landscape of IT, a field guide isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and be your personal chaperone to the necessary solution. Within client relationship, Fieldguide aligns themselves as the in-house IT team. Becoming the trusted backbone that is ready to support when needed.

Teammates First

During bird tours you either see the live bird, or you find the feathers they’ve left behind. This sparked the same mentality with how the team interacts with their clients and pods. Not only is their team masters within the IT field, they pride themselves on being mentors. Never shying away from a moment to empower their clients.

Brand System

Inspired by the utility and charm of vintage field guides, we created an approachable design system that allows customers to know there’s always a human on the other end to take care of them. Like minded folks with synonymous solutions in mind.


In the wild west that is the future of IT, Orange Drive are pioneers as they approach client relationships by offering proactive solutions. It was important to assemble personalized tools to equip the tech team for their day to day tasks including writing tickets while on the go or leave behinds to keep a line of communication intact.

Brand Value Icons

In the spirit of quick identification, we aimed to provide simple icons for Fieldguide in the expanded collateral. Whether positioned internally or public facing, the unique attributes should be a key foundation in the conversation.

Connecting Signifiers

We created guided figures to use internally to mark progress, timelines, analytics, or project objectives.

Company Swag

In the land of startups, what's the first thing every employee wants? Company Swag. Keeping the apparel simple and iconic for those higher up bussiness connections, while comfortable and flexible for everyday wear. And of course, screaming COLORADO brand.

Brand Language in the IoT

It was important to keep the Fieldguide brand as personal as digital can get, while setting the stage for their forward thinking industry knowledge.

A Full Stack Tech Team

We created a content strategy and digital voice for Fieldguide in an overly technical landscape. This mission kept evolving and finding its way back to the saying, we're simply "humans helping humans fix robot problems." A company's reputation is only as great as the trust they build with their customers and Fieldguide is all hands on deck to make sure that trust is never swayed and their client's company is never offline.

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