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A collection of brands through the years

I believe as designers we're here to make connections that add clarity, rather than clutter. I have a lasting love for tactile & digital interaction, whether that be person to person or person to idea. As humans, we’re inherently born with personalities, but brands have to be given one. This allows us to be the creator of your brand story and form the principles the world will recognize you by.

Chook Charcoal Chicken Branding

Chook, in Aussie lingo, means Chicken. Chook is delicious chicken cooked over our charcoal rotisserie. Now, they're not just chicken, but also veggies as the world intended, cooked over their charcoal grill, along with your soon to be favorite sides.

The Brand

Chook is perfect for your evening excursion, a quick lunch, a family in need of delicious, responsible, nutritious and affordable dinner. Whether you dine in and savor delicious drinks, or Take Away.

Bobber Branding

Bobber is a custom dev shop located in Portland, OR. They were search of a creative brand marketing direction that spoke to the laid back lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest.

Custom Word Mark

The Bobber word mark is inspired by the casting of a fishing line to propel their clients into landing the next big opportunity.

Helping Habit Branding

Helping Habit is the platform for all your volunteer, donor, and CSR needs. They help you manage your volunteers and events with ease, while making the connection with corporations without complication.

Brand Concepts

I developed 5 key areas that speak to the Helping Habit mission as initial brand directions:

• Connections (through conversation we build community)
• A Light in thee Dark (Access to help for those who are searching)
• Seasons (the cycles of continuous volunteering)
• Mesh (the intertwining of non profits and volunteers)
• Helping Hand (a hand to hold whenever support is needed)

Epoch Eyewear Rebrand

An Epoch is a period of time in history or a person's life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics. Epoch Eyewear is a veteran owned, custom sunglass company that uplifts those who seek to make memories over money.

The Logo Mark

The Epoch logo speaks to their veteran roots and captured the passion their customers brought to every opportunity. Whether it's traveling back roads or celebrating in the backyard, Epoch has a pair of sunglasses for every occasion.

Denver Milk Market

Denver Milk Market is an all-local, all-wonderful mix of take-away and dine-in restaurants and bars run by Colorado chef Frank Bonanno. Denver Milk Market, a 16-venue cornerstone of the historic Dairy Block, aims to draw in travelers, visitors, neighbors and fans to shop a little, drink a little, eat a little and celebrate a lot in the very heart of the Ballpark Neighborhood here in Denver.

The Venues

The Bananno Concepts team was in need of 16 fully custom and personality-driven brands for each of the venue restaurants within the market. From the prosperity of the dog, to paying homage to their late ancestor Ruth, each concept brought together another piece of the family history.

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